Elva's Arts & Crafts 🎐

In my spare time, I love to play with different media and make fun stuff. Crafting helps me clear out my mind and give a form to my thoughts.


I recently started drawing on my iPad with Procreate. Most of the work has been packaging illustration for our family-run bakery.


Playing with clay is the most fun -- shaping it is only half of the work, it is the heat and flame that makes the difference, yet one cannot see it once placed in the oven. Along with the failures and frustration, there is surprise and serendipity.


Throughout the years, I have played with watercolor, oil painting, acrylics, and sketching. My favorite theme is of course, FOOD and ANIMALS 😉


I carve stamps out of rubber boards. It takes great patience and focus to make the stamp fluid. The themes I made were mostly my favorite artworks, movies, and poems.